eBay Affiliate Guide: Earn Online At Home In 2024

eBay Partner Network is an affiliate program that offers earning opportunities to website owners, bloggers and online entrepreneurs. The site allows affiliates to earn with an easy-to-understand marketing policy and user-friendly interface. The affiliates have to make conversions using personalized links to help users reach eBay market. Each purchase through the referral code or the link makes money for the affiliates.

You can become a registered partner of the program right away by signing up to the program. After successful creation of your account, you will have access to your dashboard. Start attaching the links from your dashboard on your website and blogs. If anyone clicks on your link and makes a purchase from the eBay, you will get commission. You can withdraw this money to your account by providing the bank credentials.

Make Money Daily with EPN

There are many marketplaces online. Some of them offer commissions for the sales that people make through your link. One of the best online marketplaces is eBay. It has over 130 million active buyers. The best thing about the site is that is has introduced a partner program. Anyone with a site or blog can register with the program and earn money on daily basis. Bloggers and website owners have to promote the products of the company and attract users to make purchases. Each purchase makes money for the affiliate.

The commission depends on the product the user buys. The common percentage rate is 1% to 6%/. Some products may help you earn more while some may offer less. In addition, some products such as charitable products, real estate and gifts card may not offer any commission at all. However, you can earn handsome on products such as vehicle spare parts, electronics and home appliances.

Benefits of Joining the EPN

Daily Earning

Earning on daily basis with ESP becomes easy. Attach referral links to your sites, blogs, and other social media posts. Each click helps you earn money. However, the successful sales make commissions depending on the nature of the product. To add, the platform gives access to a personalized dashboard where you can check your earnings.

Wide Markets

eBay is a large market that includes nearly all products and serives. From real estate business to fashion and beauty products, the platform covers them all. Thus, it is easier for you to choose a niche that suits your personality and audience. Try to work on products that make you good commissions such as vehicle spare parts.

Huge Commissions

Fortunately, the eBay Partner Network offers market competitive commissions. There are no fixed commission rates as it depends on products’ prices and potential. But, affiliates may earn up to 6% of the total price of any product. Which means if an item’s prize is $200, the affiliate will earn $12.

Bonuses and Promotions

EPN always takes care of its affiliates in multiple ways. One of them is the bonuses. Once you register yourself you get a welcome bonus. Promotional, milestone and target bonuses are also there for you. You can convert them into cash or buy crypto currency directly from the platform

Global Reach

The program operates in more than 190 countries of the world. You can be an affiliate from anyone of them. This global reach helps the partners to work with audience all over the world across borders.

Tips for Becoming Successful Partner

Choose Niche Wisely

The most important factor that may affect your business is selection of niche. Suppose you are running a fashion and beauty blog and your audience likes to hear only about fashion. Your niche should be about fashion and beauty. Thus, try promoting products that suit your audience interests.

Target Audience

You have a large audience in more than 190 countries of the world. However, your target audience should be the one which makes more purchases online. For instance, the people from America, England, China, and Europe can be a potential audience. Thus, try targeting them with the products and services that they want.

High-Quality Content

Create high-quality content for the blogs where you are going to attach the referral link. Be sure to create content that resembles or connects readers with the product you want them to purchase. Add attracting visuals and compelling captions for successful conversions.

Update Regularly

Always stay up to date regarding the products and the terms of services of the eBay Partner Network. It will help you to align with the program and needs of the company. Do not forget to update the referral links from time to time

Affiliate Registration

Registration for the eBay Partner Network is free. However, you must have a blog or website for being able to join the program as a partner. Here is the complete registration guide:

  • Visit the official EPN site.
  • Click on the blue ‘sign-up’ option at the top right corner.
  • Enter you email or sign in with Google.
  • Complete the application form with your personal and company information.
  • Submit your application after thoroughly reading the terms of services.
  • Wait for the approval email.
  • You can access your personalized dashboard once your application gets approved.
  • Now you are able to attach the referral links for conversions.


Can I make money with the eBay Partner Network?

Yes, you can make good commissions by working as an affiliate for the eBay. However, you need to meet the eligibility criteria. Anyone with a website or a blog with good audience can make money on daily basis by successful conversions from his/her site.

What are the payments methods of EPN?

There are many payment methods including PayPal, Western Union, and Skrill. However, some methods may not work in your area. Thus, you can choose other channels as well. It is worth noting that the frequency of payments depends on the affiliate’s own choices.

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In conclusion, the eBay Partner Network offers a pool of money-making opportunities for users. Huge markets with wide collection of products, high commission rates, and performance-based rewards make the platform more reliable for generating income. Benefit from this potential opportunity by affiliating your website or blog with the platform.

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