Earn Money By Browsing the Internet

Surfe is a platform that helps you earn money simply by using the internet. When you use the platform, it shows you different ads and promotional videos while you browse websites online. These ads generate revenue which automatically goes to your Surfe dashboard. It means you do not have to do anything new for making income through this platform. You just keep doing you regular internet surfing and the platform will give you a reward in the form of cash prizes.

You need to add or install a browsing extension to your browser and become a part of the platform. The platform will start showing ads in shape of banners and pop-ups. However, it is worth noting that the ads will not disturb your online activities like other regular ads and promotional videos do. Surfe ensures that the users have a smooth browsing experience. To add, users can also manage and control the frequency and visibility of these ads according to their preferences.

Availing the Income Opportunity

What if I say you can get paid for the time you spend browsing the internet? Yes, you heard it right. Now, you can make a good income if you are an internet user and spend a lot of time surfing websites. Surfe brings a huge income opportunity with its innovative technology. When we use the internet, we see many ads and banners, but we do not get advantage from them in shape of money. However, the Surfe extension shows the ads that suit your interests and gives you money for showing them.

Money has become an important factor for spending a quality life. However, making money has become more challenging today. But, there are still some innovative and creative platforms that pays you for your daily activities. One of these sites is Surfe. Thus, stop looking any further if you are in search of a platform that can generate you passive income for you.

Immersive Features

Various Earning Opportunities

In addition to the ads, the platform also provides you with multiple other earning opportunities as well. These include completing tasks, participating in surveys and referring the platform to friends. You receive a cash bonus for each successful referral download.

Customization Options

Customization is a standout feature of the Surfe. It allows you to make changes to the default system of the platform. You can choose the frequency and visibility of the banners and surveys according to your interest and availability. Thus, the process of making money with Surfe will not be a boring task for you.

Targeted Ads

The ads you encounter, either in shape of banners or pop-ups are relevant to you. Both according to interests and location. You will not be facing random ads that may irritate you. This feature ensures a high engagement rate with such relevant ads based on your habits and personality

Passive Income

While you browse the internet as a regular activity, it generates a side income for you. It can be an effortless way to earn money simply by doing your regular browsing. The websites you visit will have ads by the Surfe. When you watch them, click on them or do nothing at all, you will get rewards.

Multiple Browser Support

Users can access the platform from various web browsers. These browsers include Chrome, Firefox and Opera. This makes sure that the extension can reach a wide audience. Hence, it does not matter which browser you use, the extension is compatible with all.

Tips and Tricks for Earning More

Browse Regularly

Try to browse different sites on daily basis. The earning technique is simple; the more you browse, the more money you earn. Engage with the sites which have more ads by the Surfe.

Participate in Surveys and Tasks

One of the best tricks to maximize the earnings is participating in the tasks and filling out survey forms. The surveys may be about brands, services and products. Try to fill out these forms and boost the chances of earning more.

Referral Program

Make sure to refer this amazing extension to your friends and family members. If they install the extension with your link you will receive cash rewards. Moreover, it will also help them grow economically.

Monitor Performance

Check insights of your performance in your Surfe dashboard. Focus on the tasks and ads that have rewarded you more. Avoid the websites which don’t really have much Surfe ads.

Installation of Browser Extension:

You can add the Surfe extension to any web browser you like. The installation process is same for all browsers. Here is the complete guide:

Downloading and Installing

First of all, go to the web browser you use and search ‘Surfe.be extension’ and click on the install button. Then, add it your browser.

Account Setup

Now, step up your account by clicking the log in button. Add you name, email address and a password for safety. The process is straightforward and will not take more than one minute.

Customize Settings

Finally, you will get access to your dashboard. Customize the settings for the ads that suits your interests. Also, select the preferable withdraws methods for convenient transactions.

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How does Surfe work?

When a user adds the Surfe extension to their web browser, it starts showing them ads when they visit websites. These ads can be in shape of banners, pop-ups, and promotional videos. When the users see these ads, they earn money. Users can also take part in surveys and tasks for boosting the income.

Can I earn passive income using the Surfe?

Yes, anyone who uses the internet and surfs on websites, can earn money. Users do not have to do anything extra, they just keep doing what they do on the internet. The ads keep popping-up and generate an income that directly goes to the users’ dashboard wallet.

Is Surfe extension available on mobile devices?

Currently, the platform works only on desktop browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Opera. However, we hope that a mobile compatible version will soon be available for smartphone users.


In conclusion, Surfe is one of the brilliant platforms for generating a passive income. The platform uses innovative technology to show relevant ads and survey forms to the target audience. The platform pays users for showing them those ads. Filling out survey forms can be an additional way to earn more money. Do not let the opportunity go, if you are a regular internet user.

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