Read Content and Earn Money

ReadON is an app that allows users to earn money by reading the content available on the platform. The users receive rewards for their time and engagement with the platform. The rewards may include cash prizes, and gift cards. These rewards depend on the nature of users’ engagement with the content. The content is rich and vast with a huge collection of articles, books, magazines and research papers.

Furthermore, the platform is free to join and anyone with a smartphone can access the app. Fortunately, the app is available on both Google Play Store and App Store for Androids and iPhone devices respectively. Thus, it ensures to reach a wide audience with its compatibility with both OS smartphones. In addition, it also helps readers on the app to like, comment and share the content available there.

Understanding the Money Making App

You must have heard that you can earn money by writing content. Right? But, have you ever heard that you can also make money by reading content? Yes, today we are here with ReadON app that pays you for engaging with the content available in the library of the app. The content may include articles and blogs on various topics around the world. Users can also customize the preferences for the type of content they want to read.

There are two huge benefits of using this app. Firstly, you earn money for the activities you perform on the platform. Secondly, you get a chance to learn new things from the content you read on the platform. Thus, the platform not only helps you to grow financially, but also mentally. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest earning platforms that engages you in positive activities. Whether you are a tech enthusiast, literature lover or a news seeker, the app has something for everyone.

Methods to Earn Money

Reading Articles

The basic factor that allows users to earn money is by reading articles on ReadON. These articles may include a variety of topics and subjects. Users can read the articles with their own choices. When a user reads these articles, they get points. They can convert the points into cash through their dashboard.

Content Interaction

Users can also interact with the available content by liking, commenting and sharing it with other social networks. It can be a good strategy to generate higher points using this technique.

Referral Program

Refer the platform to your friends and earn bonus rewards. You will keep receiving points for their engagement with the content.

These are some of the major techniques to earn money on ReadON. However, some additional ways include sponsored content, premium subscriptions, writing articles and essays, and participating in surveys and studies.

Notable Features

Authentic Recommendations

When users create their dashboards, the app allows them to select the niche and topics of their interest. Then, the platform comes up with personalized recommendations for them. Thus, you may not encounter any irrelevant content that may not suit your personality. You can change this setting from your dashboard anytime you want.

Encouraging Rewards

Readers can grow a good stamina by receiving rewards. In addition to money, the platform also offers badges, leaderboards and challenges to encourage the users to grow as a patient reader.

Offline Mode

Do not worry if you go to a location where you do not have access to a stable internet connection. You can still read the content on ReadON with the offline mode. However, note that you may not be able to enjoy all the features of ReadON with offline mode.

Wide Collection of Content

There is a vast library of content which includes articles, blogs, and research papers across various niches. Accessing this vast reading material will allow you to spend more time reading.

Challenge and Reward

This amazing feature challenges readers to read content to a specific point. If readers complete these challenges, they receive bonus rewards. This mechanism encourages readers to read more content.

Regular Updates

Lastly, the content on ReadOn receives regular updates. The platform adds new reading material to their library from time to time. So, the readers get more choices when it comes to content.

Benefits of Using the Platform

Income Generation

The very first advantage of ReadON is that users can generate income. In short, users get paid for time and engagement.

Knowledge and Learning

Undoubtedly, users get a chance to explore various topics across a number of genres which allow them to learn new things.

Flexible Schedule

Reader can open the platform anytime and begin reading. There is no strict schedule that you should follow to enjoy the advantages of the platform.

Downloading, Installation and Registration

Here is the complete guide:

⦁ Open then Google Play Store or App Store for Androids and iPhones respectively.
⦁ Search ‘ReadON’ in the search bar.
⦁ Click on the ReadON to download it and wait until completion of the downloading.
⦁ Once the cdownloading process is complete, check the file in download folder.
⦁ Tap the folder and click ‘install’.
⦁ Now, you will see ‘ReadON’ on the phone’s screen.
⦁ Tap the app to open it and register with your email address.
⦁ You can begin the reading journey with the app now.


Ensure to read and understand the terms and conditions.

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How do I sign up for ReadON?

Download and install the app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Include required information like your email address or sign up using any social media account. Ensure that you must be above 13 years to be eligible to join the platform.

How can I earn money with ReadON?

To earn money using the ReadON, you can do a number of things. Engage with rewarding content, complete survey forms and refer the platform to friends. However, note that you need to reach a specific points level to withdraw the money.

Is the app free to use?

Yes, ReadON is free to use. However, you may require premium subscription to access certain features.


In conclusion, ReadON is a digital source of income and knowledge. Users can benefit educationally while growing financially using the platform. It offers a vast library of amazing reading material across a wide range of genres. The more readers engage with the content, the more points they make. These points can then be converted into cash for withdrawals

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